Livestock Purchases are "As Is" and include transfer of ownership in the ADCA, Legacy and PDCA. Purchase also includes basic Health Certificate if travelling out of state, a poly halter-leadrope combo, vaccination and breeding records (if applicable) and all UC Davis testing done on the specific animal. Shipping may be available at an extra fee. A 25% non refundable deposit is required but is refundable should something catastrophic happen to the animal.

  FF Freedom's Matthew  - $3500 ready to go late Fall!

Matthew - ADCA #041886-  DOB 7/7/17-  Available  by Christmas 2017!

 Here is what should make an incredible herd sire. Matthew  is SHORT LEGGED, chondro carrier, Homozygous Polled, A2/A2 ,  Red carries Dun, Non PHA. He is out of our very best bull and one of our best uddered cows. Matthew will be registered in Legacy and PDCA as well as his ADCA registration. He is parentage verified and just a beauty!  Before sale he will be vaccinated, boostered, wormed and will start halter work.  This is a very rare offering and a rare find! $3500     Includes transfer in 3 registries.

  FF Beatrice  - $1800 ready to go late Fall!

Beatrice ADCA #041885-  DOB 7/15/17-  Available  by Christmas 2017!

 Here is a great little heifer calf out of our excess white cow (who doesnt ever seem to throw excess white calves!) We are keeping mom and full sister (who is on our show string) so Beatrice is offered for sale. Wouldn't she look great with a bow around her neck for Christmas! Beatrice  is a Non Chondro Carrier, Heterozygous Polled, A2/A2 ,  Black carries Red & Dun, Non PHA.  Her dam is a great milk cow and is one of the "keep forever" animals here at FF (along with her FULL sister Grace).  Beatrice will be registered in Legacy and PDCA as well as her ADCA registration. She is parentage verified and should be a great show heifer and brood cow!  Before sale she will be vaccinated, boostered, wormed.  
                                                      $1800     Includes transfer in 3 registries.
Under Deposit

  FF Mud Puddle Pearl confirmed bred! $2800

Muddy - ADCA #027127-  02/24/12-  Available  after 10/16 preg test!

 Here is an outstanding cow - has had a very successful show career and is an outstanding dam! Muddy  is Long Legged - Non Chondro,  heterozygous polled, A2/A2 Dun carries Red and is non PHA . She is verified bred to FF Freedom's Galaxy who is Homozygous Polled, A2/A2, Non Chondro, Non PHA, red carries dun.   Muddy will sell verified bred for $2800
Under Deposit

  FF Freedom's Limited Edition  $3750

Eddie - ADCA #041588- DOB 05/07/17-  Available NOW

Eddie is a beautiful, thick calf that will be an asset as a herd sire. His sire and dam are both correct and very docile and trainable. Eddie is Homozygous Polled, Red no Dun, A2/A2, Non Chondro and Non PHA. He has started halter work, is calm,  Vaccinated, Boostered and will is currently registered in the ADCA but will register in Legacy and PDCA and the sale includes transfer of ownership in all.. He is sire and dam qualified and all testing is done at UC Davis. NOW $3750 or fully halter broken in Sept $4000 
Under Deposit

  FF Freedom's Rebel $3000

Rebel - ADCA #039909-  6/19/17-  Available  after Show Season! (Oct)

Rebel is a beautiful small bull with a great temperament. Homozygous Polled, A2/A2, Carries Red and Dun, Non Chondro and Non PHA. he will be shown in September and hope to also show him in October. He will be available after that show. He sells without semen rights (which means we pay to have him collected and can sell and/or use the semen - it also means the buyer cannot sell his semen until we give written permission to do so (when we run out) - no other restrictions apply - except sale of Rebel to a third party will have to have a restriction on semen sales as well.  Or buy with full semen rights for $4500.
Under Deposit

  GPF Mistletoe Mayhem    $2500 confirmed bred!

Mayhem ADCA #033801-  DOB 12/28/13-  Available  several ways!

 Mayhem is a beautiful Red cow who is due to freshen mid SeptemberY.  She is a Non Chondro Carrier, Heterozygous Polled, A2/A2 ,  Red carries Dun and is  Non PHA.  After Mayhem calves we will test the calf to determine IF we will sell the calf at side or keep the calf.   She sell BRED BACK to our best bull Galaxy                                                            $2500 alone - confirmed Bred
                                                                       +$300 with steer calf at side
Under Deposit

  DunZ Little Red Rodeo    $5000 confirmed bred for a Jan 2018 PP calf!

Rodeo  ADCA #032579-  DOB 06/27/13 -  Available  NOW!

 Rodeo is a beautiful Red cow who is due to freshen 1/19/18 with a Galaxy calf!  She is a Non Chondro Carrier, Homozygous Polled, A2/A2 ,  Red carries Dun and is  Non PHA.  Which means her calf will be OBLIGATE Homozygous Polled, Red, A2/A2, Non Chondro and Non PHA. Rodeo is a friendly cow who is easy to milk and and excellent Momma.  She sells for $5000 firm.

​​​A 25% Non Refundable Deposit is needed to reserve an animal for your purchase. It is refundable if something catastrophic should happen to the animal the deposit is on . Purchase price includes a poly/rope halter leadrope combo with each animal purchased, basic Health Certificate for Out of State Travel, Transfer of ownership into your choice of Dexter registries (steers not included and will only be transferred if requested in the ADCA ), Vaccination, Worming and Breeding records (when applicable).  Sale price also includes all UC Davis Test results received.

​Delivery may be available for an additional fee.

​If you would like more information or more pictures of any of the animals listed on this page or would like to be put on our waiting list for future stock for sale please fill out form below.